Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Facts You Should Know About Heartworm in Dogs

Every dog has a risk of getting Heartworm. Although this disease is NOT contagious among dogs directly, Heartworms can easily be transported between mutts through just one single mosquito. When a mosquito bites into the blood stream of an infected dog, the mosquito picks up a tiny larvae called microfilariae. The mosquito then can make its way onto another mutt, transporting the larvae and infecting a different dog.

Over the next several months the heartworm larvae will grow up to a foot in length and spread into the heart and lungs of the dog and produce even more microfilariae in the blood stream. If left untreated, this poor mutt is a perfect reservoir of heartworms ready to infect other animals and also has a high risk of getting heart, lung, liver, and kidney problems that may result in death.

Prevention is the key for mutts when it comes to heartworm disease. Even if you keep your dogs indoors, they are still at risk for getting infected. Heartworm has been reported in all 50 states in the U.S. so visit your trusted veterinarian to ensure your mutt's health today!

Keeping your mutts healthy, happy, and hearty!