Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year's Resolutions for Your Dogs

Happy New Year! This is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and continue to work towards a better future. This also includes helping to create a healthier and happier life for your mutts.

So here are some of the basic resolutions that will help ensure an even better year than last for your loving dogs and yourself as a dog owner:
  • Exercise: Statistics show that only about 40% of people stick to their own personal exercise and fitness goals throughout the year. Don't let this stop you from making sure your dogs are healthy! Let your mutts be a part of your motivation to stay fit not only for yourself but also for them. 
  • Socialize: Learning how to be social and spending time with other dogs is just as important for your mutts as physical exercise. It is through socializing with other animals that your dogs can learn how to better behave around people and have a well-balanced mental state. 
  • Health check-ups: A huge part of keeping your mutts healthy is to stay on top of their periodic physical exams at the vet. It is important to keep your dogs up-to-date on not only their vaccinations but also to make sure that there are no other unknown health problems in the making.

Keep your mutts happy, healthy, and hearty!

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