Thursday, August 15, 2013

Health Benefits to Spaying/Neutering Your Dogs

Much discussion and dialogue has surrounded the issue of spaying/neutering dogs. Some pet owners hesitate at the thought because they either think it's too painful or inhumane for their mutts. However, the fact is if you're not going to breed your dog (in a legal, healthy way of course), then spaying/neutering them IS the better way to go.

Benefits for your mutts:
  • Spaying/neutering your dogs will significantly reduce the risk of getting prostate, testicular, or ovarian cancer when they get older.
  • For most dogs, the lack of hormones will help them be more mentally and emotionally balanced/stable.
  • Spaying/neutering your mutts will allow them to live a longer and healthier life.
Benefits for you as a pet owner:
  • A more balanced and stable dog will be a better and friendlier companion for you in the long run.
  • A spayed/neutered mutt will be easier to train and eliminate unwanted behaviors like aggression and being territorial.
  • You will less likely attract unwanted male dogs to your home when you have a female in heat. Vice versa, your male mutt will not act crazily when he senses a female in heat.
Benefits for your local community:
  • Millions of tax-payer dollars go into trying to control the dog population every year.
  • Animal shelters around the country have to euthanize millions (yes, millions) of dogs every year because they simply do not have the space to care for unwanted mutts.
  • Unbalanced dogs often lead to aggression which puts members of the community in danger of dog bites and attacks. 
Spaying and neutering your mutts does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of nonprofits and animal shelters around that would perform the procedure for cheap. Consult with your trusted vet for when to spaying/neuter your dogs and for any other health concerns or questions.

Keeping your mutts happy, healthy, and hearty!

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