Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Treat Dog Paw Injury!

Dog paws are one of the most vulnerable places for injuries - they are exposed to anything sharp and extreme temperatures almost on a daily basis. So if and when you mutts do get a cut or a split paw on their foot, here are a couple of steps that you can take at home to help your dogs' speedy recovery:

  1. Remove debris: First, clear out all debris that may be on the paw or around the wound with tweezers and/or cotton swab. 
  2. Cleaning the wound: Second, swish the wounded paw in some warm water with Epsom salt to help clear out the rest of the debris in the wound. Then dry the paw with some clean paper towels or regular hand towels. Be sure to check for and get rid of any remaining debris in or around the wound. 
  3. Kill the bacteria: Third, use something like betadine to rinse over the wound to kill the bacteria that may be in the paw. This helps prevent infections that may lead to other serious health issues. Try avoiding hydrogen peroxide or alcohol for disinfecting since they tend to dry out or damage the tissue on the paw slowing the healing process.
  4. Wrapping it up: Fourth, apply some antibiotic ointments on the wound to help with the healing and some clean and sterile gauze to wrap the paw up. You may also put a few layers of self-adhering bandages over the gauze to make the bandaging more durable for walking. Be sure to NOT have the bandages too tight and keep it clean and dry by changing it often.
These are just basic precautions that dog owners can do at home by themselves to help a minor paw injury of their mutts. For any other questions or major paw injuries, please consult your trusted vet.

Keep your mutts happy, healthy, and hearty!

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