Friday, December 21, 2012

Safe Christmas Toys for Your Dogs!

So while you're out shopping for your family, in-laws, relatives, neighbors, and their pets for Christmas, it's important to distinguish which toys are safe and which ones are not-so-good for your mutts.

Here are a few tips as to how to choose safe toys for your dogs as Christmas presents and stocking stuffers:
  • Toy quality: It's important to take a good look at the quality of the toys before you make a purchase. Toys that are too soft or have too many accessories and weak parts like eyes, frying ends, and strings may be easily shredded and digested. 
  • Toy size: So in the case of dog toy safety, size does matter. A toy too small for a big dog may cause choking hazards, and a toy too big for your dog's mouth may irritate or harm their teeth and gums.
  • Dog treats: Be sure to read the labels on all dog treats, especially the new ones that you want to try out. Some treats may contain a lot of preservatives and ingredients that are not healthy for your mutts. You may also consult your trusted vet on whether or not the treats you're feeding your dogs are good for their health.
Keep your mutts happy,healthy, and hearty!

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