Friday, November 16, 2012

Best Winter Tips for Your Dogs Paws!

Paw care for your mutts during the winter time is crucial to their comfort and well-being. Your mutts can get unnecessary paw injuries if not taken care of properly. 

Here are a few basic tips as to how you can keep your dogs feet warm and cozy during cold temperatures:

  •  Washing paws after walks - During the winter the roads and sidewalks are coated with deicers and other harsh chemicals to prevent icy and slippery surfaces. It's best to rinse off or at least wipe off your dogs feet with warm water after their walks to make sure that (1) the deicers do not cause irritation to the mutts feet and (2) that your mutts do not eat those chemicals by licking their paws afterward.
  •  Keeping the paw fur short - You've probably noticed that some times there are small, or big, build up of ice balls on the legs of your dogs after they've played in snow. These are chunks of ice and snow that have stuck themselves onto the fur which can cause a lot of discomfort for your mutts. You can avoid some of this mess by trimming the fur between your dogs paws and toes and keeping it short throughout the winter time.
  • Dog booties - Some may think that it's a silly idea, but dog booties (or dog shoes) are a great way to ensure your mutts feet are warm and comfortable during their outdoor exercises in the snow. These booties are extremely useful when it comes to prolonged walks or outdoor time to prevent your dogs from getting frostbite on their paws.

There are also other products out there that you can purchase to ensure your dogs paws are taken care of throughout winter. Popular items are things like pet-friendly deicers and paw waxes to keep your mutts paws soft and moist. To find out which products are best for your mutts or if you have other concerns about your mutts paw care, consult your trusted vet.

Keep your mutts happy, healthy and hearty!

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