Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Feed Your Dogs Pumpkin!

As Thanksgiving approaches, there are more than enough yellow trees, red leaves, and orange pumpkins going around for everyone. There is even enough for your beloved dogs to benefit from the delicious leftover scraps of pumpkin. 

If your dogs have been experiencing some digestive problems, specifically diarrhea, one of the most natural, at-home remedies that you can try is feeding your dogs canned pumpkin. Rich in fiber, pumpkin meat absorbs the excess water from your dogs' stool, making the stool firmer within just hours of feeding. These are canned pumpkin that you can purchase at your local grocery store that is not only a healthy alternative for digestive problems but also a tasty treat to lift your mutts' spirits.

Your dogs can get diarrhea from a variety of sources: they ate something that they weren't suppose to, food allergies, a change in their diet, bacterial or viral infection, and/or a worm infestation. If your dogs' diarrhea is not improving after a couple of days or if they are experiencing other abnormal health issues, you should talk to your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Keep your mutts happy, healthy and hearty!

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