Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Puppy Eyes Have Puppy Tears?

If you're a high maintenance dog owner like me, then it is safe to say that here's one question that has always been burning inside of you: why do my dogs keep getting these nasty tear build ups around the corners of their eyes?!

For most mutts, it is normal to always have some tears on their faces to help keep their eyes moist and comfortable. However, excessive tearing (or epiphora - an overflow of tears onto the face) for dogs can cause much discomfort  and possibly pain. These excessive tears may be from allergies, an eye illness, or other types of eye irritations. In certain breeds, especially the ones with the short snouts, these dogs are more prone to tear problems due to issues like shallow eye sockets or extra hair growth on the face, which may clog up the small water drain holes around their eyes.

For treatment, there are certain grooming products out there for pet furs that may help with the tear stains, or porphyrins, on your dogs' faces. For severe health eye issues, some dogs may have to undergo surgery to correct their problems. But as for most minor cases, a simple face wash or eye cleaning will do the trick. Please consult your trusted vet for the best way to help your dogs with their excessive tears so their faces are always clean, cute, and loveable!

Keep your mutts happy, healthy and hearty!

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