Friday, November 30, 2012

Finding the Right Toothpaste for Your Dogs

As we've talked about the importance of brushing your dogs' teeth on a weekly basis, the use of dog toothpaste can also add to the benefits of healthy teeth and gums for your mutts.

One way to make things easier is that dog owners will wait until their mutts are tired either at the end of the day or after an intense exercise session to brush their dogs' teeth so they won't have too much energy to fight back. Finding the right toothpaste can also help the whole teeth-brushing experience for you and your dogs tremendously. Most dog toothpastes have different fun flavors like chicken or beef so your mutts would actually want you to brush their teeth since it's like getting a treat each time.

Here are a few things to look out for when finding the right dog toothpaste:
  • Ingredients - Checking the label is important to see what is in the toothpaste before purchase. Make sure to stay away from products that contain alcohol, baking soda, and/or grapefruit and citrus flavors since these ingredients are hard to digest.
  • Small samples - Every dog is different and may like different flavors or textures (like gel versus paste), so it may be smart to buy a small tube of dog toothpaste first to test and see if your dogs like that kind or not.
  • Only for dogs - It is crucial to NOT use human toothpaste for your dogs' teeth. A lot of human toothpastes contain ingredients like bleach which can be harmful for your mutts' health. Also dogs don't normally spit out the toothpaste like we do, so it really isn't a good idea to try to be experimental this way.
To find out exactly which dog toothpaste to use for your mutts, consult with your trusted vet.

Keep your mutts happy, healthy, and hearty!

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